Doctor and Pharmacist Formulated

What began as a family home remedy six generations ago is now available through Dr. Holmquist Healthcare, LLC. BruiseCreme™ is a super-hydrating formula that helps reduce the appearance & duration of ugly bruises.

Dr. Nelson Holmquist, a graduate of Princeton University and Columbia University School of Medicine, and a Professor of cyto-pathology, spent his professional life studying cells. Working with an old family remedy for minimizing trauma to skin cells after minor injury, Dr. Holmquist realized that certain common compounds will work with the body’s normal healing process to prevent most of the discoloration and swelling after an injury.

Ultimately, Dr. Holmquist decided to put the family secret under the microscope and find out what made the home remedy so effective. It was then that he confirmed that the success stemmed from the super-hydrating nature of the ingredients. Dr. Holmquist Healthcare™ drew on these many generations of family use as well as medical and pharmaceutical knowledge to bring you BruiseCreme™ .

The innovative products from Dr. Holmquist Healthcare™ are patent-pending and offer a simple and safe solution to people of all ages and skin types for unsightly bruises.

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