Are You In The Know About WOW! for Bruises™?

The Bruise Relief® recipe has been in the Cranner family for over 100 years.  Barbara Cranner, owner of Bruise Relief®, thought everyone in her family was, “in the know”, as to the many uses for this remedy. Now the fifth generation of Bruise Relief® users, her family was surely privy to every bruise relief fact, story, or secret passed down through a long line of relatives.

Following a recent sailing excursion, Bruise Relief® fearless leader learned that her husband was not “in the know” about all things Bruise Relief®.  When her husband took a rather painful whack to the wrist, almost immediately, an ugly 4-inch blue and purple bruise began to form. When Barbara offered her husband some gauze bandage along with the Bruise Relief®, he questioned the need for gauze.

What? How can this be? Apparently, he had never heard about the gauze / Bruise Relief® combination. Barbara explained.

For severe cases, gauze can really help in the recovery process.

First, apply Bruise Relief® to the area as soon as possible.  Secondly, secure a piece of gauze to the area so the Bruise Relief® stays on and can be absorbed into the skin.

Armed with this new bit of knowledge, Barbara’s husband applied Bruise Relief® and gauze to the large purplish bruise. The next day, the bruise was gone. Vanished.

Get “in the know”, try the Bruise Relief® and gauze combo.

It does the trick!