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The Science of Bruising – Part 3 of a 5 Part Series

Part 3: Reasons You May Bruise Easily and Small Changes to Help Your Skin’s Health We all know that bumping into furniture or getting hit with a ball or a door can lead to bruises. What if you find yourself with bruises and you don’t remember how they happened? Are you finding bruises from unknown […]

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Bruise Quiz


Test your knowledge on the science of why we bruise and common ways to treat bruising. Q1. TRUE/FALSE You become more susceptible to bruising as you age. Q2. TRUE/FALSE You get a bruise after you bump into something because some veins break under your skin. Q3. TRUE/FALSE Immediate application of heat is the best way […]

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The Science of Bruising – Part 2 of a 5 Part Series

Part 2: Contusions vs. Ecchymosis – The Different Types of Bruises

In our part 1 of 5 series on Bruising we discussed the basics of bruises – what they are, how they form, and how the body reacts to bruises. In this post we will be discussing the …

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Are You In The Know About WOW! for Bruises™?

The Bruise Relief® recipe has been in the Cranner family for over 100 years.  Barbara Cranner, owner of Bruise Relief®, thought everyone in her family was, “in the know”, as to the many uses for this remedy. Now the fifth generation of Bruise Relief® users, her family was surely privy to every bruise relief fact, story, or secret passed […]

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